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"In the middle of the night on Father’s Day 2014, I was headed to the bathroom. Apparently, with my eyes at "half mast," I slammed into the right side doorjamb. I spun around and went down on my right side, crushing my humerus, just below the shoulder. This is one of the worst bones to break. I was in a sling for five weeks or so, beginning a six-week physical therapy program. Although I never actually saw the doctor, the PA’s I saw were great. Steve Goss was whom I saw mostly, as well as Chris. The folks in the therapy department from Angie, Margaret and Amy at the front desk to my therapist Lindsey and her helpers Vika, Alexis and ALL the other folks in the physical therapy department were awesome. I now have much greater mobility and range-of-motion, although I still have pain, which I was told I could have up to a year. I have a regimen of exercises I continue to perform at home. All in all, Sierra Pacific Orthopedics is an awesome facility, with a great and highly qualified bunch of professionals!" -- Linda M.

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