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"I am a 52-year-old male with a long history of knee problems. I am fairly athletic, most recently with West Coast Swing Dance and golf. However, I paid for it when I participated in those activities with several days of aches and pain, after and almost no sleep, due to not being able to get comfortable in bed. It was time for the knee replacement. I consulted with Dr. Hanson, and he took the time to fully explain my options as well as the knee replacement procedure. I completed a lot of research about postoperative physical therapy, and decided I was going to make as quick a recovery as possible by following the physical therapy regimen, and doing as much as possible to rehab quickly. I was told by Dr. Hanson and his staff that I really could not overdue it as in a standard knee surgery because all the ligaments and cartilage were being removed. It was simply mind over matter and how much pain I could take. I am happy to report I was walking without the walker after four days! After six weeks, I danced my first dance and was already at about 134 degrees of bend. Dr. Hanson told me my six-week knee looked like a six-month knee. I couldn't be happier about the results so far.

It wasn't always rosy. The second week of postoperative, I was in a lot of pain and saw Dr. Hanson's PA, Craig. He reassured me that I wasn't creating any damage, and that I had to work through the pain. Once I knew that I just grinned and bore it. Well not the grin part. There were weeks where I suffered setbacks, but I just kept telling myself to stick with the program and it worked. You have to trust the physical therapy, and I trusted what Lindsey was recommending. I played in my first golf tournament this week, 11 weeks after surgery, and was probably a little below average, due to still favoring my knee a bit. But I was still happy with my performance. Dance has been great. There have been nights where I have danced 15 or 16 dances. Yep.... the knee was sore. I went home and iced, took some ibuprofen, and it has been fine the next day. I feel so confident about my new knee that I plan to compete in the U.S. Open Swing Dance Championships in Southern California over the Thanksgiving weekend. Thanks to Dr. Hanson, Craig and Lindsey at the physical therapy department, and the rest of the very professional staff at Sierra Pacific Orthopedics. It was a great experience!" -- Rob B.

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