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"I started experiencing mild back pain in my mid-teens and this condition became progressively worse over the years.  As a result, I’ve been treated by Chiropractors, Physical Therapists and received spinal injections from the onset of my back related problems. Recently, in 2013, I began experiencing extreme lumbar pain and numbness in my lower back, feet & legs and was forced to use a “walker” and getting ready to transition into a “wheelchair”.  We were concerned that the progressive nature of the numbness may become a permanent condition as well as having permanent nerve damage which controls urinary and bowel functions.  Therefore; on October 1, 2013 Dr. Henry E. Aryan performed major lumbar surgery on me. This complex surgical procedure has provided me with the level of pain and numbness relief that I was hoping for.  I’m approximately 12 months out from my surgery and the pain level in my lower back is now slight and continues to decrease as time goes by.  Also, both the sensitivity in my feet & legs has been restored as well as my lower body strength. I feel extremely fortunate to have found Dr. Aryan and his professional staff to address my back problem issues.  Dr. Aryan has provided me with the desired outcome that I had been praying for and I’ll be forever grateful to him!" -- Eric H.

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