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"After seeking a recommendation from my OB/GYN of which general practitioner he'd recommend for my active lifestyle, he mentioned only one name. "Dr. Rod Kraft. He understands active freaks like you." I was delighted to hear that he was still caring for families and athletes throughout the valley, as I had not forgotten him (nor his name) since my high school days. I'll admit, I do qualify as an active freak/woman/mother/massage therapist. Never before have I had a doctor giggle with honesty (after seeing plantar fasciitis introducing itself to my foot) and say, "Well, I know you're going to run whether I tell you to or not. So, I'll just tell you that it will likely hurt. Have fun at Two Cities Marathon this weekend and come back next week if you need to!" Brutal honesty at it's finest. And for the record, he was right! It did hurt, but after taking his side-note (something about 'resting/going easy' for a few months) I'm back at it, pain-free! He's a father figure to people of all ages. Never before have I heard directly from a doctor after business hours reviewing normal test results. He definitely knows how to put peoples' minds at ease. The only way he could be a better doctor would be to prescribe a dose of patience to me...and that's one thing I never expect to happen." - Alysen M.
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