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"Recently, I underwent all of my per-operative work before my scheduled surgery and everyone I came in contact with was so pleasant, professional, and very patient with me. Everyone from Dr. Michael Nuzzo, who treated me like a very special patient, Debbie Quijano, Medical Surgery Scheduler, Amanda who did my blood work and EKG, Trevor who did the X-Ray. I would also like to include Andre Grinko, MRI and the Nice Tech who did the MRI, sorry I did not get his name, even treated my husband with politeness and most of all patience with both of us. I sure hope I did not miss anyone to mention. Just Wonderful! God Bless them all for their hard work and dedication. I cannot praise Sierra Pacific Orthopedics enough and your staff.  Again I hope I did not miss anyone. God Bless all of you, so special in my heart. Thank You"-- Anna Louise C.

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