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Weight Loss - Is Exercise a Must to Lose Weight?
Weight loss does not happen on its own. It takes a significant effort to lose excess pounds, but you may wonder if this effort must include physical activity. When it comes to weight loss, exercise is beneficial, but it may not be necessary to see results. Working with the medically supported weight loss plan of LeanMD, you will be able to lose weight without ever setting foot in a gym, though you may still be encouraged to get exercise, since there are some distinctive advantages of staying active while you are following our dietary guidelines.

What It Takes to Lose Weight
The basics of weight loss are simple. You must consume fewer calories than you use each day so that your body begins to burn excess fat. Your body burns a good deal of calories without you even realizing it thanks to processes like digestion and the light activity you might get during your normal daily routine. Therefore, it is possible to eat enough to stay full and satisfied while still consuming fewer calories than you burn. With the help of exercise, however, you might see results faster and give yourself a little more wiggle room with small indulgences in your diet.

The Role of Exercise
Aside from simply burning more calories, exercise can have a helpful role in your weight loss program. Here’s a closer look at why you may not want to overlook exercise when you are planning your weight loss routine.

Build muscle tissue – When you use anaerobic muscle-building exercises like weight lifting or yoga, your body will create more muscle tissue, which burns fat even while you are inactive. Plus, you will enjoy added strength and endurance with more muscle mass.

Begin an active lifestyle – As you lose weight, you might have motivation to do more activities. With physical activity already in your routine, you can safely transition to an active lifestyle for support in maintaining your weight loss.

Recommended Exercise Guidelines
LeanMD will help you develop an exercise program that is fit for your capabilities and weight loss goals. Typically a combination of aerobic and muscle strengthening exercises is recommended for optimal results.

If you are ready to take excess weight off for good, LeanMD can help you reach and maintain your goals with a multi-phase program based on proven medical research and past successes with our clients.

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