Joint Replacement & Revision

Over time the demand we place on our joints can cause severe joint pain and discomfort. After proper diagnosis, joint replacement may be recommended for pain relief.

Whether you are considering a joint replacement or are in need of a joint revision to improve an existing artificial implant, our specialty-trained doctors at Sierra Pacific Orthopedics are recognized experts in joint replacement and joint revision.

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Joint ReplacementJoint Revision

Why Choose Sierra Pacific Orthopedics?

Our joint replacement surgeons at Sierra Pacific Orthopedics have completed additional training specifically in joint replacement. With this advanced training, our joint replacement surgeons, Dr. Jerome R. Dunklin, Dr. Francis E. Glaser, Dr. Paramjeet S. Gill, Dr. Eric C. HansonDr. Julia Lee,  Dr. Michele M. Schulz, Dr. Matthew J. Simons, Dr. David E. Taylor, Dr. Steven T. Thaxter, and Dr. Thomas W. Thomas, have the training, experience, and expertise to assess, diagnose, and treat your joint replacement condition individually to your needs.

To consult with one of our joint replacement & revision surgeons, please request an appointment online or call (559) 256-5200.