Are You Ready for Joint Replacement?

The joint replacement doctors at Sierra Pacific Orthopedics say if you’re experiencing the following signs, you may be ready for a joint replacement procedure.

  • You’re experiencing joint pain that keeps you awake, or awakens you, at night.
  • You have joint pain that limits you from participating in activities you enjoy, such as exercising, traveling, walking, or shopping.
  • You have tried conservative treatment methods for a reasonable amount of time, and you are still experiencing persistent joint pain.

You and your doctor may consider several other factors when determining whether a joint replacement procedure is the right choice for you. Your age, overall health, and bone density all contribute to whether you’re ready to undergo a joint replacement procedure.

To determine with certainty whether or not you’re ready for a joint replacement procedure, schedule an appointment with one of the joint replacement experts at Sierra Pacific Orthopedics by calling (559) 256-5200 or clicking here to schedule an appointment online. If you have recently undergone a joint replacement procedure, click here to share your story.