Dance Injuries: Types, Causes, and Prevention

The debate on whether dance is a sport can be controversial, but one thing that is indisputable is that injuries occur while dancing. In fact, dancers have the same amount of risk for an injury as a football player. Learn what types of injuries dancers endure, causes for those injuries, and what can be done to prevent them.

As dancers age, the continual repetition of dance movements that involve endurance, strength, and flexibility can lead to overuse injuries—something the specialists at Sierra Pacific Orthopedics see frequently.

The types of injuries that dancers endure range from the foot and ankle to the lower back and hip. It is important to recognize that dancers are just as susceptible to injuries as hard-hitting football players. Recognizing this is the first step towards preventing serious injury.

Sierra Pacific Orthopedics suggests the following tips:

  • Wear proper shoes and clothing
  • Keep yourself hydrated
  • Should you experience pain while dancing, see a medical professional
  • Practice proper technique
  • Stretch before dancing and have a cool-down session afterward
  • Know your limitations

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