Diet and Exercise Mistakes That Are Aging You

Do you sometimes wake up and feel like you “don’t look or feel good?” Good nutrition and exercising is a fundamental building block for healthy skin and a healthy body.

Find out if you’re making one of these common aging and diet mistakes so you can get smarter and remain active, healthy for the years to come.

1. Overdoing dessert

Did you know that overindulging in dessert can add years to your face from all of the sugar? To add sweetness to your diet, choose a natural sugar like fruit instead of candy or sweets.

2. Working out because you’re stressed

Do you find yourself taking your anger out of the treadmill? Instead of just working out because you’re stressed try incorporating fitness into your everyday routine. For example, yoga, walking your dog, going for a bike ride.

3. You don’t give your body a break

Remember overtraining is too much. When you find your workout routines to be so intense to the point where you don’t sleep at night or if you are experiencing overuse injuries, its time to slow down. Take a night off or choose a less intense workout.

4. Participating in drastic or unrealistic diets

Is losing five to ten pounds in a week worth it? No! When your diet isn’t balanced with the proper nutrients your skin, hair, nails, and overall health can suffer. When choosing a diet plan, ensure that it contains enough nutrients for your body and that is realistic for you and your lifestyle.