Don’t Let Strains Put You on the Sideline

Muscle strains can happen while playing sports, hiking, running, or while performing everyday activities. Sometimes referred to as a pulled muscle, a muscle strain leaves you with a sharp pain that can cause swelling and discomfort.

A muscle strain is caused when the muscle becomes too stretched. There are varying degrees of pain associated with muscle strains, from minimal discomfort to severe swelling. However, the good news is that injuries can be treated within the comfort of your own home.

Our experts say that resting for a few days after a muscle strain will help to limit pain and prevent any further damage. Applying ice will also reduce pain, while applying heat can help loosen up the muscle.

Other treatment options include anti-inflammatory medications, which will reduce pain as well as swelling. To help prevent muscle strains from occurring, do stretching exercises before participating in sports or other activities. Another preventative measure is to avoid overdoing exercise, as many muscle strains occur when you are fatigued and worn down.

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