Is Holding Your Child Causing Hand & Wrist Pain?

If you are experiencing pain in your hand or wrist when holding your child, you may be suffering from a condition known as mommy’s thumb. Find out what causes this condition that is becoming increasingly common in American households as well as the treatment recommendations from Sierra Pacific Orthopedics.

Formally called deQuervain’s tendonitis, mommy’s thumb is described as tendon inflammation around the thumb and wrist. While the condition is not new, cases of mommy’s thumb could be on a steep rise because of older new mothers, heavier children, and the frequent use of technological devices in recent years. Additionally, relying too much on the thumb to bear the weight of the child is believed to be one of the culprits

Some experts estimate that anywhere between 25-50% of new mothers experience mommy’s thumb. The hand wrist doctors of Sierra Pacific Orthopedics a few tips to help prevent mommy’s thumb:

  • Use an elevated crib. This can improve your lifting technique and can even prevent back pain.
  • Use your palms or forearms when raising the child. This helps keep your thumb in alignment and prevents tendons in the wrist and thumb from tightening.
  • Rest and use an icepack. Should you start to feel stiffness or pain in your thumb or wrist, apply an icepack and try to rest the afflicted hand.

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