Joint Pain at the Computer

Whether at work or home, those who sit at a computer extensively are prone to suffering aches and pains in their fingers, wrists, neck, and low back. But preventative measures can be taken to help you stay pain-free and healthy.

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Aches and pains often experienced include numbness in fingers, sore wrists, and lower back pain, while soreness can also develop in the neck, shoulders, arms, back, and thighs.

The following tips can help you avoid injury while sitting at your computer for a prolonged period of time:

  • Maintain good posture. Sit up straight and avoid slouching or hunching over.
  • Use a chair that is stable, adjusts easily for height and tilt, and has a backrest that supports the curve in your lower back. Sit back in your chair and rest your feet on the floor or on a footrest.
  • Position your monitor about one arm’s length away and with the top of the screen at eye level to avoid having to look up.
  • When using a keyboard, keep the height of the surface that holds the keyboard one to two inches above your thighs. Your elbows should stay near your body in an open angle to allow circulation to the lower arms and hands and don’t rest them on hard surfaces. Your arms should be perpendicular to the floor.
  • Take frequent breaks. Change your seated position and stand up and stretch your arms, neck, shoulders, and wrists.

If pain persists, contact the doctors at Sierra Pacific Orthopedics by calling (559) 256-5200.