Lift Weights and Exercise Safely

Lifting weights can be an effective addition to any exercise or rehabilitation program. However, they need to be done safely and at a good pace for the best results. If you do not follow safety guidelines, serious injuries can occur, setting you back further in your program or regimen.

Follow these easy tips before exercising:


  • Breathe free and easy.
  • Stretch before lifting, and take a few minutes afterwards for a cool-down period.
  • Wear proper exercise shoes.
  • Use correct weightlifting techniques. For instance, bend your knees and keep your head and back straight.


  • Don’t keep lifting while you are experiencing discomfort or pain—take your time.
  • Don’t be embarrassed to lift a smaller amount of weight—stay within your capabilities.
  • Don’t continue lifting if you are experiencing lightheadedness.
  • Don’t be careless when moving weights around the exercise area—continue to use proper lifting techniques.

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