Pain from Shoes and Purses?

Shoes and purses are functional and fashionable, but they also can be unlikely sources of pain for women. What type of injuries can occur and what are some simple steps you can take to avoid injury?


Women’s shoes, it seems, were not designed for comfort or safety. Common injuries that doctors at Sierra Pacific Orthopedics have seen include stress fractures, bunions, and, over time, arthritis.

High heels and narrow room for toes are the common culprits for these injuries. As a general rule, to help avoid aches and pains, women should choose better fitting and more comfortable shoes. For those who don’t want to sacrifice fashion, foot wear companies are designing more foot friendly shoes.


Purses have become bigger, which means more space to fill with stuff. More stuff means a heavier purse. A heavier purse can feel like a backpack full of books; as a result, pressure is put on your shoulder which can cause aches and pains in your neck, shoulder or back.

Tips to avoid pain while carrying your purse include:

  • Carry a lighter purse
  • Switch shoulders frequently
  • Distribute the weight in your purse evenly
  • If long enough, place the purse strap across your chest

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