The Role of a Physical Therapist

The field of physical therapy is very important to those patients who are seeking treatment to regain full range of motion following an injury, condition, or surgery. Physical therapists (PTs) are healthcare professionals who treat patients, evaluate patients’ nervous systems, and determine individualized treatment plans to help reduce pain and improve patients’ overall physical function.

A physical therapist’s role includes the following:

-Diagnose and help manage the injured or afflicted area.

-Examine the patient’s medical history and perform tests to measure strength, range of motion, and balance.

-Restore and maintain physical function while promoting overall health and wellness.

-Help manage symptoms resulting from diseases, disorders, or injuries.

In an orthopedist’s office, you may see a physical therapist after your initial appointment with the doctor. Most of the time, the doctor will prescribe physical therapy as a conservative treatment approach before resorting to surgery.

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