Spring Cleaning Tips and Tricks

Its that time of the year again where you get rid of the unnecessary junk you have stored and clean up your home in and out. With so many cleaning products out there it may be hard to know which ones to chose or which ones are right for you.

If you are planning on washing your carpet to kill the mold that has built up during the winter months, use a steam cleaner to get rid of the bacteria. For showers, tubs or tiles you can make a bleach and water solution for disinfecting. It is a good idea to think green, as these cleaners will be less harmful to you and your family.

When cleaning and using chemicals or paint, make sure that there is plenty of ventilation so that your skin, nose, and eyes do not become irritated. It is also important to keep an eye out where you’re walking, what you’re climbing or what you’re lifting. Avoid injuries by having someone give you hand with heavy objects, holding down a ladder for you or moving things out of walkways and entrances.

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