Summer Activities

School is out, and summer is here! Children are full of energy and should not sitting in front of the television all day. Summertime weather offers so many different ways to stay active. Here are some little ideas to keep your kids’ minds and bodies going:

  • Create an obstacle course
  • Visit local parks to learn the history of the town
  • Volunteer at a green space to do some gardening
  • Go rollerblading
  • Take a walk around your neighborhood
  • Create drawings or play games with sidewalk chalk

The best part about these activities is that they can be good for adults as well. Being healthy and outdoors will only benefit you. Why not make it fun? At Sierra Pacific Orthopedics, we want everyone to be active. If you are participating and actively engaged in an activity, chances are your children are willing to do them with you. Set a good example and be active.

To learn more about how to stay active, call our doctors at (559) 256-5200.