Persona IQ® - The Smart Knee



Photo: Dr. Matthew Simons

Dr. Matthew Simons has an extensive history of utilizing technology to achieve precision during total knee replacement. He has performed thousands of knee replacements using computer navigation to better reproduce a patient’s anatomy and improve their function following surgery.

Dr. Simons has introduced the first and only smart knee implant, Persona IQ, to compliment his dedication to the latest implant technology. Building on the success of modern techniques, a smart implant is now available to help patients and Dr. Simons gauge the performance of their knee replacement surgery.

The Persona IQ smart sensor collects information like your range of motion, step count, walking speed, stride length, and distance walked. These metrics allow both patients and Dr. Simons to continuously monitor how well your knee is functioning.

The sensor DOES NOT collect data on your location.

Information Collected

Photo: Persona IQ Data Images

Patient Videos

Learn more about Persona IQ and the smart sensor via the patient education videos below.


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