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“From the initial consultation, to the follow up appointment thirty days after my hip replacement surgery, Dr. Simons and his entire staff treated me with the highest level of professional interaction and total concern for my well being. Dr. Simons answered all of my questions in a manner that me, as a layman, could understand and alleviate concerns, and trepidations that I had prior to the surgery. Surgery was not only a success, but recovery under Dr. Simons direction, was rather quick, and painless. Now I wish that I had not waited so long to meet the professional individuals who staff Sierra Pacific Orthopedic. I still have a six month follow up appointment, and probably another at the one year anniversary of my surgery. Look forward to seeing Dr.Simons and the staff .”
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“Dr.Simons is always knowledgeable and professional. I was very pleased with the surgery and the results. I had a knee replacement done in July 2016. I would and have recommended Dr. Simons to others that are considering having the procedure done.”
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"I was in a serious motorcycle crash in 2015 where I sustained complete tears to both major tendons in my left shoulder as well as a dislocated bicep tendon in the same shoulder. Initially I was turned down for surgery by a different physician however my file eventually made it to Dr. Nuzzo's desk and after reviewing it he decided to take my case and operate on my shoulder. Throughout the process Dr. Nuzzo was very kind and professional. He explained exactly what the damage was, it's severity, the challenges he will face while working to correct it, and I will face in the rehabilitation process. He also explained some of his background and reassured he that he has seen similar traumas and that I was in good hands. Needless to say, I was very confident in his abilities. I had my surgery in April and fortunately Dr. Nuzzo was able to repair both major tears as well as the dislocated tendon. I have just completed physical therapy and I have regained most of the function in my left arm. There is still work to do, and I will continue to rehabilitate my arm on my own, but I do believe I will regain all of the function I lost after the accident.  I am grateful to Dr. Nuzzo for taking my case and to his staff for their professionalism and the quality of treatment they provided. I know my case was not an easy one.  I would certainly recommend the professionals at Sierra Orthopedic for anyone that is in need of orthopedic care. " – Steven P.
"Dr. Simons was great! He explained my options and then proceeded to continue with the best way to treat my problem. Staff was great! " – Zulema Z.
"Caring, very professional, and always on time. She has a well run practice."  – Terry C.
"I was treated with compassion and professionalism from my first visit to my last. A painful shoulder is now nearly fully functional, thanks to excellent surgical intervention and follow-up physical therapy. I would highly recommend trust and confidence when seeking medical intervention from Dr. Dunklin and his team." – Terry F. 
"I am a 72 year old male and in August 2016, five weeks after a Four-Level Fusion, I was without back pain and walking more than a half mile. Pain pills were reduced significantly and used only for continued healing pain, stiffness, and arthritis. Once I passed the three and a half week mark following surgery, my recovery made a major turn. There is no doubt that Dr. Connor Telles has a God-given gift, and I highly recommend him for anyone who lives with back pain with the only alternative of surgery. With the skilled craft of Dr. Telles, extremely knowledgeable PA, Natalie Johnson, and efficient staff, there is HOPE, especially if your are apprehensive in moving forward with surgery." - R. Adolph
"Dr. Aryan's surgery was awesome! His PA Nick was extremely helpful and knows what he is doing. The follow-up care is good but ask lots of questions, they can't help you if you don't help yourself. write your questions down when you are in pain it can be hard so have family with you to ask also! DO WHAT THE DOCTOR SAYS TO DO! they know what they are talking about! The office staff is just as great! friendly even when someone is yelling at them ( so uncalled for & no it wasn't me) but they understand knowing how much pain people are in when  they come in. THANK YOU for everything! I will definitely recommend your services!!!" – Melinda
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"Love Dr. Kraft and all his PAs. He always takes time to talk over your problem and various treatment options. I always feel like I have a say in my care and choosing a treatment plan. His PAs are always nice and take time with you as well. Love this office. I have been Dr. Kraft's patient at his various offices for about 20 years." – Sarah C. 
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"Dr. Johnston is the best if I ever have any other problems with my shoulder I will never go anywhere but to Dr. Johnson." – David C. 
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