Patient Reviews

Average Rating: 4.85
“Dr. Lee was attentive, proactive and genuinely wanting to help with resolving my pain. I never felt rushed at the visit.”
– Regina P.
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“This was my 1st time seeing this doctor. I was pretty pleasantly surprised with his thoroughness and genuine interest in how I was doing after a pretty rough recovery from a splenectomy. I would definitely see Dr. Gousse again.”
– Charlie O.
“I didn't wait long to see Dr Sison. His staff is friendly and professional. Dr Sison is very thorough, knowledgeable and very pleasant.”
– Debora G.
“Dr. Sison was very helpful with explaining every detail of my back pain. His entire staff was kind and courteous! Thank you!”
– Erin M.
“I saw Dr. Telles and Dr Sison, both were very professional, made me feel at ease, liked both of them.”
– Lydia H.
“Dr. Sison is a phenomenal person with the ability of empathy for his patients. His experience leads him to be trustworthy for medical advice and his knowledge is paramount when dealing with your body that is full of pain. He is honest and very thorough. He’s quick witted and personable.”
– Heather F.
“If I could have given Dr. Knedel 10 stars I would. He is a skilled surgeon, kind, caring and honest, I can not recommend Dr. Knedel more highly. He took excellent care of me during my Knee Replacement Revision Surgery Dr. Knedel you are a defiantly a 10! Thank you for your care.”
– Patricia L.
“Very good surgical result.”
– Carol L.
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“How do you describe getting your life back. From an MRI with another doctor I was told I suffered from sciatica and healing would take a long time. I gave it time then saw Dr. Simons for a second opinion only to find out I had no hips, I was bone on bone. He got me in for my first complete hip replacement in 3 weeks due to the severity. My next surgery was scheduled for a week after I was to return to work. I explained to his assistant Alicia how I was only allowed so much time off work and a person who was retiring was covering for me, she talked to Dr. Simons and they came in to let me know my surgery date had been moved up. Dr. Simons changed his Christmas vacation plans to come in and perform my second surgery. I have never been so blessed and thank the Lord every day for Dr. Simons giving me back a quality life. Walking is an amazing gift and I am forever grateful.”
– Jo J.
“He and Elton did a great job.”
– Debbie V.