I can’t lose weight…it’s my hormones!

This is something that I hear frequently in the office. Can hormones affect weight loss/weight gain? Yes they can. Does that mean that if your hormones are "off" that you cannot lose weight? NO!

We will start with the thyroid. The thyroid is the organ that is regularly blamed for people's weight gain. Thyroid hormones help regulate your metabolism (this is the efficiency that your body burns food for energy). Low levels of thyroid hormones can lead to slow down of the metabolism. This can lead to some weight gain. Usually, it is a few pounds, not an extreme amount of weight. 

So what can you do about this? First, get your thyroid levels under control with medication regulated by your physician. Once your thyroid levels are stabilized, your weight gain/loss is just like anyone else. If you have trouble getting your thyroid levels under control, it doesn't mean you have to continue to gain weight. You must reevaluate your diet. If your metabolism slows down, you should consume fewer calories to prevent weight gain and to encourage weight loss if needed. 

So don't use your poor thyroid as an excuse! Although your battle with the bulge may be more difficult, it is not impossible. 

Next up...menopause.