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The Shoulder Replacement Center is designed to provide our patients with comprehensive education and exceptional surgical care through the combined knowledge, experience, and expertise of our specialty-trained shoulder replacement surgeons.

The shoulder joint is one of the most complex and mobile joints in the body. As such, it is often susceptible to injuries, aches, and pains. Most of the time, these injuries and conditions can be treated with nonsurgical treatment options. However, sometimes an injury or condition is too severe or advanced, or nonoperative treatments were proven ineffective. If this is the case, surgical treatment options for the shoulder, like shoulder joint replacement or shoulder arthroscopy, will be considered.

Shoulder Replacement

Deciding to undergo shoulder joint replacement is a big decision, but it’s one that can help significantly improve a shoulder injury or condition. Shoulder replacement surgery is often used to treat shoulder joints that have a degenerative joint disease, a form of arthritis, fractures, or have suffered a traumatic injury. During a shoulder joint replacement, a surgeon will remove the diseased or damaged shoulder joint and replaced it with an artificial implant.

Shoulder Arthroscopy

Another surgical option used to treat shoulder injuries and conditions, such as tendon, ligament, and cartilage damage, is shoulder arthroscopy. A minimally invasive surgery, shoulder arthroscopy is used by surgeons to view and repair problems within a joint. During the procedure, the surgeon will insert a tiny camera, also called an arthroscopy, through small incisions to view the inside of the joint. If a repair is needed, the surgeon will use small tools to repair the damage or problem.

At Sierra Pacific Orthopedics’ Shoulder Replacement Center, our specialty-trained and experienced shoulder replacement and shoulder arthroscopy surgeons, Dr. Vincent Gomez, Dr. Benjamin Hendy, and Dr. Julia Lee, are committed to ensuring the best possible course of treatment and outcome for you. With extensive training and experience in diseases and injuries of the shoulder, our shoulder replacement and arthroscopy surgeons specialize in providing surgical care to treat your shoulder injury or condition. Whether you need arthroscopic shoulder surgery, total shoulder replacement, or shoulder revision, our surgeons will provide the experienced shoulder care you need to help restore your function and mobility.

While our surgeons are highly skilled in the latest surgical methods, please be assured that our team of doctors always strives to use conservative treatment options first before considering surgical ones.


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