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In an effort to continue helping our local medical community, we have coordinated with the County Health Department and we are now vaccinating front-line workers and individuals 75 and older in the Tier 1 priority list. These efforts will hopefully help our community get through the vaccination tiers faster.

We are working with the Fresno County Department of Public Health to providing COVID-19 vaccines for healthcare workers at our Spruce Campus. Thank you for your patience and all the feedback we have received from the community in the previous weeks. We are blessed to have had the opportunity to administer the first dose of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine to thousands of Fresno residents since we began vaccinating. Some additional announcements below:

We are at the end of a very busy week having had the opportunity to meet and help so many of our neighbors while facing the uncertainties of our tasks to come. The Fresno County allocation of vaccine from the state of California has not kept up with the hard work taking place in the county.

In order to maintain adequate supply of vaccine to administer the required second doses, we have been asked by the county to pause first dose clinics effective Monday, January 25th.

We will not be operating the drive-through effective Monday, January 25th. Sierra Pacific Orthopedics will continue to work closely with the county to monitor our 2nd dose needs and if state distribution increases we will reopen and post updates immediately.

While we are not working the drive-through we will be working closely with Fresno County Department of Public Health to identify other ways we can help our local vaccination efforts.

Current Updates:

1. Fresno county remains in the 75 and older tier.

2. Fairgrounds and Sierra Pacific Orthopedics will not be running 1st dose vaccine clinics on Monday, January 25th or moving forward until county allocation is increased.

3. We do have available 2nd dose’s allocated and will administer those as they become due. Look for more information on this page next week.

4. Please DO NOT call our office for vaccine information. Our phone personnel are busy caring for our orthopedic, spine, and primary care patients and do not have any vaccine information.

Thank you for your support as we work through this process.

Please visit our Facebook page for additional daily updates as well.