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  • “Dr. Schulz has a wonderful sense of humor. She always listens, and you never feel rushed. She explains things in detail and is always punctual. There is never a long wait, unlike many other doctors' offices.”

    – Donald W.

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  • “Dr. Schulz does a phenomenal job. My recoveries are usually ahead of schedule due to her work. ”

    – Jeremy M.

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  • “My experience with Dr. Schultz was relaxing. It was a clean office with professional office staff. ”

    – Annette N.

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  • “Dr. Schulz. You're amazing. I'm glad we can treat these hips with meds and therapy. The older you get, the harder it is to heal. Thank you for taking the time to see me today. I appreciate you. ”

    – Amber R.

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  • “I had a torn tendon in my rotator cuff. Surgery was required and all went well. All appointments were on time and all the staff very helpful. I certainly recommend Sierra Pacific Orthopedics if you need their services.”

    – John B.

  • “We first met with Dr. Ghazal as he has done surgery on my son and husband. He explained my injury and said surgery was needed sooner than later, but he was unable to do it as he was headed to a medical conference. Dr. Ghazal referred us to Dr. Schulz.  She was very informative, explained my injury, and what the surgical options might be.  She also explained the final decisions would not be made until she could see first hand what the extent of my injuries were. The surgery went very well in spite of my injury being more extensive than the X-ray and MRI indicated. My healing is on schedule and the pain was very minimal. We return on August 9th for follow-up X-rays to see how well the leg and knee have healed. I am looking forward to walking again and not having to sleep with the big leg brace. I have been doing the knee bending exercises and my husband, who has had three total knee replacements, says I am doing very well. Thank you for the excellent care I received.”

    – Carol D.

  • “I am now 14 sessions into my physical therapy experience at Sierra Pacific Orthopedics. I look forward to every session because every time I go through my paces, my muscles feel stronger. I have so much fun with Lindsey and her crew and enjoy listening to and sharing stories with my therapy buddies.  I feel more and more in control of my ability to walk as my fractured patella continues its miraculous healing process. It is very empowering to know that I'm doing all the right things to make a full recovery. Thank you Lindsey and Sierra Pacific Orthopedics.”

    – Mari M.

  • “In August of 2012 I turned 60 and ten days later, I tripped and broke my right knee. I was a little reluctant about what kind of pain I was going to experience in recovery. I was pleasantly surprised at my first appointment at Sierra Pacific Orthopedics, I was shown to a private little cubicle and matched up with Lindsay, my physical therapist. I felt comfortable the minute Lindsay walked in. She listened to me, was very gentle, and compassionate. Since that first session, I have worked very hard to gain my mobility. The exercises have been doable and I even enjoy some of the machines. After eight sessions, I've gained full range of motion, and now my next eight sessions will be on targeting the strengthening of my muscles, which atrophied over the eight weeks of inactivity while my patella, knitted back together. I'm thinking I'll be better than ever once I've completed my recovery and intend to continue using these exercises so that I'll stay strong in my "golden" years.  Thanks Sierra Pacific Orthopedics.”

    – Mari M.

  • “Dr. Schulz was very informative. I was blessed by her peaceful nature. Thank you for taking me as a patient. When a need arises and at my age as it might, I will return to your very well organized and calming facility.”

    – Patricia K.

  • “I had total knee replacement on January 9. After two days in the hospital, I spent 11 days in the rehab hospital. Now I am receiving out patient therapy. One therapist tells me I am two months ahead of where they would expect me to be. I am very satisfied with where I am in recovery.  For a week now I have been off the walker and I am doing so well.  I have been off all narcotic pain medication since I came from the rehab hospital. Thank you to everyone who has been on my surgery and recovery team.”

    – Catherine H.

  • “My experience with Sierra Pacific Orthopedics was by far the best one I've had in dealing with the medical community. Since suffering from an Achilles tendon rupture, the transition from surgery to recovery and onto therapy has been relatively easy due to the knowledge and expertise of the staff at Sierra Pacific Orthopedics. Everyone I have come in contact with has been extremely accommodating and genuine.”

    – Shannan K.

  • “Dr. Schulz is a great doctor, and I would recommend her and SPOC to anyone needing orthopedic treatment.”

    – Mark C.

  • “In most doctors offices, it's a patient mill—treating as many patients as possible in the shortest amount of time. This isn't the case at Sierra Pacific Orthopedic. I feel as though I'm the only patient and that the doctor is there during every step of my recovery. She not only listens to my concerns, but explores options that make sense for my goals and my life. I'm never rushed during the exam, and all my questions and concerns I feel are truly heard and each have been addressed. With follow-ups, I don't have to sit while the doctor reads over my file to become familiar with me. We literally resume our conversations or treatment where we left off during my previous visit.”

    – Dalles M.

  • “My experience with Sierra Pacific Orthopedics has been a positive experience for an otherwise unpleasant purpose. Surgery can always cause anxiety to an individual no matter the procedure or severity, yet Dr. Schulz and her staff did a nice job of explaining, prepping, and providing a good service regarding my procedure (knee).  I honestly do not want to make regular visits and know everyone by name, but I can trust that when there is a physical need such as surgery, the service will be good.”

    – Jeremy M.

  • “After months of suffering with my right knee and not getting any results from my primary care doctor at the time, I happened to overhear a conservation while at Macy's. The young woman was describing the same symptoms that I had so I asked her who her doctor was, and she told me Dr. Eric Hanson. She did not have enough good words to say about him. My first visit was in 2010 and I was seen by Greg Mellor. On that visit, he referred me to Dr. Wiens. "Then, this past March I saw Greg again for my right shoulder, and he referred me to Dr. Schulz and Dr. Watson for other issues I had.  I too do not have enough good words to say about all the doctors who have treated me at Sierra Pacific Orthopedics.”

    – Phyllis J.

  • “I have had both hips replaced due to arthritis. The procedures were four years apart with the last one in January of this year.  I am in a fitness class several times a week.  I drive to the coast and help with the care of two boys when needed.  I enjoy mowing with a John Deere tractor and I drive a Suzuki 500 ATV on my property.   "Expert medical care and post-op training are as essential as discipline and determination to a good recovery; mine was great.  I did not undergo surgery without trepidation, but I was reassured and never without access to my doctor before surgery or after.  My entire team—medical, family, and church—was outstanding.”

    – Jacqueline M.

  • “I underwent a right knee arthroscopic procedure at Fresno Surgery Hospital for a meniscus tear and arthritis and was pleasantly surprised by how well the procedure went.  There was very little pain, and I was able walk that very same day (short distances). I found that everyone connected with the experience was very professional, and I would recommend Dr. Schulz and her team to anyone who is having knee pain.”

    – Shawna F.

  • “Dr. Schulz and her PA were both reassuring that I can still continue to play tennis, but there will be good days and bad. I appreciate the time spent with me so that I could ask lots of questions and discuss my concerns. I know I'm emotionally a little bit up and down because of the injury and the reality that I'll always have to manage my knee's condition. The good communication experience I had helps me understand what's happened and how to carry on.”

    – Candace E.

  • “I have a broken heel, which is now healing. Dr. Schulz has done a very good job of treating my heel and it was overly pleasant to work with him. I will be very glad when I can go back to work.”

    – William B.

  • “Well I admit I was scared and did not know what to expect.  Everyone was very nice, thoughtful, and helpful.  I am doing great. I hope I don't need any more surgeries but if I do, I would like to have it at Fresno Surgical Hospital.”

    – Mary Ann H.

  • “I love the staff. They were well organized and friendly. Dr. Schulz understands your concerns before and after your surgery. You know you’re in good hands when the whole office wants the best for you as an individual. Can’t thank all of you enough.”

    – Diana E.

  • “Kirk, the physician assistant, was very helpful and informative about my condition.  We are beginning treatment steps for my injury of my left knee. Your facility is beautiful and all of your staff is kind and helpful. I look forward to our continued relationship.”

    – Janice A.

  • “I was very pleased with Dr. Schulz’s craftsmanship. The staff has provided great service and hopefully no need to be back for more work due to the fine efforts.”

    – Jeremy M.

  • “I feel I received excellent care. Thank you!”

    – Kathy C.

  • “First, the staff at the reception area was very gracious. I waited about 10 minutes with little paperwork and off to the pre-op. The pre-op nurse was tremendous, a great listener, funny, and made me comfortable in getting ready. Drs. Schulz, Corbin, Kirk Johnson, P.A.-C., and the operating nurse were great. The meniscus surgery went well and felt like I just woke up from a nap. The post-op nurses were gracious and gentle with me, helping me get dressed, and ready for the drive home with my wife. The whole experience will give you a 10 rating in exceptional service and if I have to have surgery again, I will opt for your Sierra Pacific Orthopedics. Congratulations.”

    – Bruce H.