Highlights of EMSELLA:

FDA-approved treatment for incontinence

Completely non-invasive

You remain fully clothed during treatment for added comfort and privacy

95% patient satisfaction

Those who experience the “need-to-go” feeling frequently as well as those who have regular urinary leakage are affected by urinary incontinence. EMSELLA offers a unique and lasting solution for this common problem.

The muscles that provide support for the organs as well as structure are at the bottom of the pelvis. When these muscles are strong, you have better bladder and bowel control. When these muscles are weakened, the structure is less supported, and it is much more difficult to control urination.

EMSELLA is a treatment that uses an electromagnetic technology for women’s intimate health and wellness to provide strength and control. In each therapeutic session, EMSELLA helps the pelvic floor muscles contract thousands of times to restore strength to the muscles.


Resolving incontinence can restore confidence and help reduce the interruptions to living the life you love. That can start with EMSELLA.

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Photo: EMSELLA Equipment