Highlights of EMTONE:

Skin texture improvement

Smooth skin appearance

93% visible cellulite reduction

All skin/body types


No anesthesia

Confidence impacts whole-body health, and cellulite is a source of frustration for many on their wellness journey. The appearance of texture and dimples on the skin occurs typically in the hips, thighs, buttocks, and even arms and lower abdominal area. From sun damage, body fat, and skin laxity to loss of skin integrity and thickness, cellulite can affect anyone.

EMTONE is a pioneering device that uses thermal and mechanical energy as a way to treat all the major causes of cellulite. The warmth and the massage mechanisms from the device are delivered at the same time by an experienced provider, who will adjust the settings for maximum effectiveness and comfort.


Reducing or eliminating cellulite can provide a confidence boost, and EMTONE is designed to significantly reduce the textured appearance of cellulite.

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