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Most people can and should exercise. However, there are individuals who should get their doctor’s permission prior to beginning an exercise program.

If you have an unstable medical condition or if you have an injury that is slowing you down, then make a doctor’s appointment to obtain medical clearance and an exercise prescription that is safe for you.

For aerobic or endurance training, walking is an ideal form of exercise. To increase your cardiovascular fitness, walk further and faster more often. For strength and resistance training, you can choose machine or free weights, bands, tubing, therapy balls, or your own bodyweight, as in calisthenics, Pilates, or yoga. These forms of exercise can help you gain strength, muscle, and bone mass.

When exercising, it is normal to sense effort, fatigue, and even mild discomfort. It is not normal to experience pain or feel weak, lightheaded, or breathless. If exercise causes any uncomfortable sensation, then you should see a doctor for an evaluation.

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