Visitor Policy

Since the start of COVID-19, we have taken every measure to keep patients and our staff safe, including masks, increased hand sanitation, social distancing measures, and our visitor policy limiting only patients to our facility. We now feel confident we can maintain a safe environment while also allowing a single visitor with patients in our facility as long as they meet our other requirements.
As integral pieces of a patient’s care team, it is important for a loved one to be able to accompany their patient during their visit(s) to our facilities. Knowing this, we have updated our visitor restrictions at both our Herndon and Spruce Campuses.
Effective immediately, the following will be the new visitor guidelines at all Sierra Pacific Orthopedics locations:

  • 1 visitor will be allowed per patient per stay/appointment; minors will be allowed 2 guardians.
  • All visitors must meet our COVID-19 self-screening requirements prior to entering our facilities:
    • Visitors must be appropriately masked at all times, covering both the nose and mouth.
    • Visitors must be healthy and not show any symptoms of COVID-19, including fever.
    • Visitors must remain with the patient for the duration of their visit.
    • Patients will continue to be asked for signs and symptoms of COVID-19, including feeling ill or feverish.

As stewards of our communities’ health and as health care workers, our employees will continue to be monitored for signs and symptoms, including temperature checks daily upon entering the facility, and will continue to wear masks even if vaccinated.
Thank you for trusting Sierra Pacific Orthopedics as we welcome back our patients’ visitors and guests.