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  • “In an effort to avoid a joint replacement surgery I have been receiving injections in my left thumb joint. With the use of the X-ray equipment, the injections are spot on and extremely effective. With the use of a hand brace between injections, the pain of arthritis is controlled for about three months before another injection is needed. I understand I will be able to manage the pain for an extended period of time using the injections, which is a great alternative to surgery.”

    – Carol L.

  • “I am so thankful for Dr. Rod Kraft's diagnosis that I was in need of left hip replacement surgery. It took Dr. Kraft less than 20 minutes including X-rays to show me my problem and this after almost two years of thinking it was the lumbar area of my spine that was the major source of my pain. He scheduled an appointment for me with Dr. Thomas Thomas and the rest is history. I am now one month distant from Dr. Thomas replacing my left hip joint with a metal replacement and I'm already much better. In addition, nurse practitioners; Ken and Lisa were great prior to my surgery and after.”

    – Conrad S.

  • “I received a knee injury at work in January and had just "okay" care with another facility for a couple of months. I was unhappy with the level of care where I was. I was told, "This is as good as it’s going to get. There is nothing surgical, so there is nothing we can do." After asking around to friends and co-workers I was referred to Dr. Thomas. I was immediately taken care of and began an aggressive regimen of medications and physical therapy. Only after a couple of weeks the pain started to improve by leaps and bounds.  After completing my physical therapy, I was again able to walk, run, exercise, and play with my toddler daughter as well as getting back to work and all the other fun outdoor activities my family loves. We have spent the last few weeks camping, hiking, and fishing.  I am so very grateful for the exceptional care provided to me by Dr. Thomas, his nurse practitioner Lisa, Kelly and Rick from physical therapy as well as the countless physical therapy aids that encouraged me to work harder and helped rehabilitate my knee back to where it is today. Thank you.”

    – Shayla N.

  • “My latest adventure in orthopedic land happened on a quiet Saturday afternoon in February, as I was cleaning. (If I had been shopping it never would of happened, but that's another story.) A simple slip and fall shattered my left upper arm-incredible pain. I met with Greg with Dr. Hanson's office and he referred me to Dr. Thomas (aka, miracle worker who can put Humpty-Dumpty back to together again). After surgery and the implantation of a plate and six screws, I started my journey through rehab with Joanne Steele, a physical therapist and Shelly, one of the physical therapy assistants. It was a stressful time, but through it all, the staff at the Orthopedic Center and the Rehabilitation Center was terrific. Shelly, in particular, worked with me when the pain/frustration was the worst. Her gentle, but firm encouragement was exactly what I needed. Unfortunately, this is not the first time Joanne has helped me through an orthopedic adventure. I had arthroscopic knee surgery several years ago. She was terrific then and she was terrific again. She was the master of the process as she planned my rehab program. The supporting staff at the Rehab Center were great as well. They were all very friendly and professional.  Although I would never wish for another injury, I felt very comfortable with staff and the services they provided. I know my recovery would not have been the same if I hadn't received the care at Sierra Pacific Orthopedics. Additionally, one added benefit was that all services were there. My doctor, X-rays, MRI, blood tests, surgery center, and rehab center was all in one spot - that was great! I have recommended Sierra Pacific Orthopedics to my friends and co-workers.  Dr. Hanson, Dr. Thaxter, Dr. Thomas, and their staff have been terrific particularly, Dr. Hanson's physician assitant, Greg, who helped me when I was first injured.”

    – Pam H.

  • “My experience at Fresno Surgical Hospital was amazing! The care that my wife and I received during and after my hip replacement surgery was absolutely top notch. The food was of such a yummy quality that it would never be confused with "hospital food". Thank you for having such a wonderful hospital in Fresno. We have been bragging to all of our friends about what a great place you have! Thank You.”

    – Conrad S.

  • “My name is Shirley Hale and I am a 74-year-old woman. I suffered with pain for a good year and a half before I had the surgery. With my hip, it was bone against bone and I was working 40 hours per week. I do a lot of walking in my job because I work in environmental services. After four months of recuperation, I was able to resume my job and I feel great! Thank you, Dr Thomas Thomas.”

    – Shirley H.

  • “Dr. Thomas is a wonderful man. He was caring and got me in the next day to put my kneecap back together. I'm stuck in a wheelchair right now, but hope to be back to walking in a few weeks. His staff is so sweet I thank God he sent me to you. My daughter who is taking care of me, thinks he's the BEST!!!! We both thank God every night in our prayers that he's there fixing everyone he touches. The W stands for wonderful!”

    – Mary S.

  • “The process for the surgery was very positive; every one at St. Agnus was very helpful.  Dr. Thomas and his staff told me everything that was going to take place and he also showed me the procedure that he was going to perform. The procedure was very successful. I was taken to therapy the next day after surgery and within six to seven months I was almost back to full strength and I was out playing golf and fishing. I thank Dr. Thomas to a successful surgery. I feel grateful for not having anymore pain with my shoulders.”

    – Gary C.

  • “Dr. Thomas Thomas was very informative as to where my pain was and explained everything to me. Thank goodness I was not a surgical candidate. Dr. Thomas gave me an injection for what he explained to me was tendonitis to my right shoulder/bicep. I am not going to lie, it was a big injection, which was Marcaine, and it was painful. For that moment that I endured the pain, it was well worth the pain I had been suffering. I am now pain free! Thanks Dr. Thomas.”

    – Zoila R.

  • “The very best experience with hospital care I've ever had! Wonderful people, great food! I would recommend Sierra Pacific Orthopedics to everyone.”

    – Kenneth K.

  • “I have had a few surgeries with great success first with Dr. Eric Hanson doing my right knee and right shoulder twice. After the second shoulder surgery and multiple shots, therapy, injections and X-rays, it was determined to do a total shoulder replacement. It was done by Dr. Thomas Thomas on May 21, 2012. I have had physical therapy since then and am still going through the exercises. From Dr. Hanson and his staff to Dr. Thomas and his staff, along with the physical therapists (Kelly and her assistant Shelly) everyone has been great. I have confidence that soon I will be doing the things I love to do without as much pain as before. Thank you to all the staff and support staff. God Bless.”

    – Herman C.

  • “From the moment I entered Sierra Pacific Orthopedics with a broken knee cap, I was treated with respect and a genuine sympathy for the pain I was in. I was assured that I would get help, which I did, in a timely manner.  Everyone who was involved with my preparation for surgery: the nurses, techs, anesthesiologist, and the surgeon, even the office staff, were so concerned for my comfort! They all took the time to explain all that pertained to my surgery and recovery.  It is wonderful to know that there are medical professionals who are able to do their job in such an excellent manner, while making every patients experience a positive one. Thank you.”

    – Anita L.

  • “I feel very confident in Dr. Thomas and look forward to being able to move about like I used to.”

    – Sharron V.

  • “Just recently informed that I must now have two reverse shoulder replacements. So far, the doctor and staff have been most helpful, encouraging and informative.”

    – Anne-Jeannette R.

  • “In April 2013, Dr. Thomas performed a full left shoulder replacement on me at Fresno Surgical Hospital. I am truly amazed at how well everything has turned out so far.  The pain was minimal, and within just a few days I was feeling like my old self again. The recovery has been very fast, and I have to keep reminding myself to take it easy—don't try and do too much. I had the surgery on a Friday and went home the next day.  In 2005, I had a shoulder replacement on my right shoulder done out of state, and the recovery was considerably more difficult. Dr. Thomas is an excellent surgeon in my opinion, and I would recommend him to anyone needing this type of surgery. In addition, the care I got at the Fresno Surgical Hospital was outstanding.”

    – Michael S.

  • “I was referred to Dr. Thomas by Dr. Oberto. I met with his NP Lisa and then Dr. Thomas. Dr. Thomas was a good listener and explained my options. I found the staff to very helpful and accommodating.”

    – Dennis P.

  • “Dr. Thomas did a right knee replacement back in 1998. I had originally injured it overseas with the marines. As luck would have it, he noticed my left ankle. It had been crushed in a motorcycle accident and fused. After the first fusion as luck would have it, I was involved in a car accident. I broke my ankle again. The ankle healed in an odd angle and this is where Dr. Thomas came in. He noticed the angle of my ankle forced me to hyper extend my left knee in an effort to normalize my gait. Needless to say, I owe Dr. Thomas a lot. If not for his skill and knowledge, I would more than likely be confined to a wheelchair. Thank you Dr. Thomas!”

    – Michael B.

  • “In September of 2012, I had a total knee replacement due to an accident at work. From the very beginning, I felt like there was something wrong, but when my wife and I took our concerns to our primary care doctor, he would tell me that 'we worried too much' and not listen to our concerns. In Feb. he took X-rays and said everything was fine, and when I told him the knee was swollen and warm, he decided to draw fluid from the knee and give me a cortisone injection; the fluid had blood in it. "When I went back in March, my wife asked what were the results of the culture, and we were informed that one was not run. We asked other questions, and we were basically ignored and the doctor wanted to send me back to work and send me to a Q and E panel.  My knee was no better than before the replacement so I went back to my wokers' compensation doctor and asked for a second opinion. After a couple of doctors turned me down, we found Dr. Thomas at Sierra Pacific Orthopedics, who accepted us. "At my first appointment, X-rays were taken and more blood-filled fluid was drawn from my knee; this was 9 months after my first surgery. What Dr. Thomas said to my wife and I took us totally off guard; I needed to have another total knee replacement. The knee put in was too small, not straight, and the spacing was off, along with a couple of other problems. I gave Dr. Thomas permission to do the surgery and on July 2nd the surgery was done. It has been 37 days since my surgery, and I am doing so much better than I was at this point after the first surgery. Dr. Thomas and the surgical team at Saint Agnes did a fantastic job, and I am hoping for close to 100% recovery. Dr. Thomas and his teams at Saint Agnes and at Sierra Pacific Orthopedics have treated my wife and me with the utmost respect, and we thank them for it.  If Dr. Thomas had done the first surgery, I would still be working instead of having to retire.”

    – John C.

  • “In the past 12 years, I've had multiple surgeries to repair damaged shoulders due to a bad skiing fall and an auto accident. My shoulders were replaced 10 and 11 yrs ago, by different doctors. Due to pain, deterioration, and complications from arthritis and inability to effectively use my shoulders, I was referred to Dr. Thomas. He performed a “reverse shoulder replacement” on my right shoulder. My other doctors and physical therapist told me to expect a lot of severe pain with this surgery. However, within four days of returning home from the hospital, I HAD NO PAIN. Soreness, yes, but no pain. With Dr. Thomas' carefully designed physical therapy routine, I now have greater range of motion, more strength AND NO PAIN. Of the “shoulder replacement” patients joining me in physical therapy, three of us had Dr. Thomas as our surgeon and none of us experienced the shoulder pain we had been expecting.  Of course, everyone’s injuries are different and results vary, however, other patients in our physical therapy sessions are jealous!  I have trust and respect for both Dr. Thomas and Ken Bangs, NA. The office is well run, organized, and thoughtfully efficient. In fact, I am scheduled for the same reverse replacement surgery on my left shoulder in four weeks.”

    – Anne-Jeannette R.

  • “I injured my right knee in May of 2013 and was finally diagnosed with a meniscus tear in August of 2013.  I had surgery on October 18, 2013 and the procedure went great.  It was my first surgery and my pre-op with Dr. Thomas and Ken Bangs put me at ease.  The surgery and post-op appointments have been fantastic.  Sierra Pacific Orthopedics and all their staff have been very professional and top-notch. I work in law enforcement. Getting fixed and back to work is a priority.  My wife, kids, and I send a big thank you to Dr. Thomas and all the staff of Sierra Pacific Orthopedics.”

    – Peter B.

  • “I had my right knee replacement during the Olympics of 2012. Having this procedure done was the best thing. I now can do almost anything I did before the arthritis started.  I walk every morning with my good friend and then my dogs. I can walk with confidence and a good fast pace that gives all of us a good workout.  Other people I know who were hesitant about doing something have been encouraged and followed through because I was so positive about my outcome.  Dr. Thomas told me you will wonder why you didn't do it earlier and that is what I tell people too.  It takes work and dedication to heal but every step is worth it.  Thank you, Dr. Thomas.”

    – Mary D.

  • “Everyone that helped in the surgery and stay at the Fresno Surgical Hospital were so super! I don't think I would be recovering so fast if it weren't for everyone involved in the repair of my knee. Dr. Thomas and staff were so great and had a huge mess once they opened knee up. The nurses went 150% to make my stay great! I can't thank them enough! They all deserve a hug and kiss from the angel looking over me. Thank you so very much everyone, I truly appreciate everything you did. And I don't want to forget my therapist, she is terrific, doesn't let me give up! Thank you all again. :)”

    – Diana C.

  • “When I first saw Dr Thomas for my hips, I also told him about my shoulder hurting since I'd fallen and broken my wrist a couple years before and the doctor I saw back then wouldn't even look at it... Dr. Thomas immediately had an MRI done on it and it has 3 tears. He replaced my hips first and will be fixing my shoulder next month when I get back from a cruise. He's a great doctor and very personable.   Dr. Eric Hanson did my knee replacements before the hips were done and I would also recommend him. I love both doctors.”

    – Sharon

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  • “The staff was wonderful and very friendly. Doctor and X-Ray staff excellent...would recommend to anyone.”

    – Linda

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  • “Hip surgery went smoothly with no complications and has greatly improved my ability to walk comfortably.”

    – Allen

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